July 2019 Updates


I have just returned from 7 amazing weeks in Israel. The entire experience is summarized in a series of high-quality videos entitled Shiloh Network News.

Please watch these at www.digshiloh.org. Just click the video link. I also filmed two documentaries, a series of television programs for TBN, and numerous media interviews.

Here are a couple of links:


It was my honor to direct the largest excavation in Israel for the third straight year. Some of the highlights include a possible northern gate, pieces of a four-horned altar, scarabs and bullae, etc. We also now have a monumental building from the period of the tabernacle. Very exciting!

A few days ago Judea and Samaria Research Studies published my long-awaited peer-reviewed article on Shiloh’s ceramic pomegranates. This was one of the top ten finds in Israel in 2018 according to Christianity Today. I will e-mail you the PDF if you would like to read it. In just three weeks I will be back in Israel for a few days to speak about our findings at an academic conference. So many people sacrificed so much to make Season Three at Shiloh a big success. Thank you for your prayerful and financial support. It means a lot.

David Gamboa